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Conversations on women's longevity, menopause, and overall health

Kristin Mallon on Positioning an Out of Network Practice

Episode 191 - Non-Hormone Options For Menopause with Kristin Mallon of FemGevity

Empowering Women's Health A Deep Dive with Kristin Mallon (FemGevity)

Reducing menopause symptoms & improving longevity from the get-go

Over the first month of menopause treatment, and longevity care, we have seen outstanding self reported results from subscribed women.


Night Sweats Reduction


Hot Flashes Reduction


Vaginal Dryness Reduction


Nervousness Reduction


Fluid Retention Reduction


Less Mood Swings

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Research & Reports

Aging with Intention

Using Menopause to Improve Your Longevity

FemGevity's Approach

Menopause & Longevity Medicine

New Menopause Care

A New Era for Women's Healthand Longevity

Longevity Redefined

Menopause's Pivotal Role in Longevity and Health

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