Longevity for Women, through contemporary medicine

Unfold the chapters of your personal wellness story with our Longevity Plan. A year-long story tailored to your unique needs, blending cutting-edge science with care to create your path towards enduring health and vibrance.

Benefits of our Longevity Plan

Aging power

Get to know the science behind increasing your lifespan. Feel as strong and confident as ever.

Steady mind and body

You can keep your mind sharp at any age, your body is constantly transforming, sow and you will bloom.

Empowered and bright

With each new challenge you can embraced the opportunity to push the boundaries.

Your own wellness path

Tailored to your individual needs and aspirations, our program empowers you to carve out a personal wellness journey.

Women health by women

A team of top women health experts

Dr. Ann Wry

Medical Advisor

Dr. Rachel Villanueva

Medical Advisor

Beth McLean

FemGevity Nurse Practitioner

Beth Traflet

Advance Nurse Practicioner

Women health by women

Your Personalized Blueprint for Vibrant Longevity

Designed to methodically enhance every aspect of your well-being over a 12-month transformative journey. Witness the improvements as your body, mind, and spirit align towards a pinnacle of health.

Tailored Health Assessments

Start with a thorough evaluation of hormonal balance and longevity markers to build your health blueprint.

Dynamic Nutrition & Exercise Programs

Monthly crafted plans evolve with your progress, powered by in-depth allergy and gut microbiome analyses.

Genetic and Micronutrient Tailoring

Utilize advanced genetic insights and micronutrient profiling to fine-tune your wellness strategy, ensuring optimal vitality.

Continuous Health Evolution

Quarterly bloodwork and health check-ins keep you on the path to longevity, with an emphasis on preventative care and mental wellness.

"To be able to ask questions and actually have somebody get back to me immediately, and talk to me for as long as I needed in order to figure out how to navigate what it means to be forty two".

You Can Start Your Journey
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