Detailed Roadmap to Your Longevity: A Monthly Guide

Discover the meticulous details that pave the way to a rejuvenated self, with precise milestones to mark your progress towards peak wellness.

Month 1

Begin with Insight

Dive into your health story with an initial consultation.
Gain clarity with a comprehensive hormone and longevity blood panel.
Uncover potential risks with a full evaluation of the "4 Horsemen" of health.

Month 2

Nutrition and Movement Mapping

Decode your bloodwork to tailor your nutritional and exercise blueprint.
Identify sensitivities with a detailed allergy profile.

Month 3

Gut Health and Inflammation Focus

Celebrate your progress and fine-tune your journey.
Get a closer look at your gut health with a gut microbiome test.
Start a targeted plan to quell inflammation.

Month 4

Digestive Reset

Delve into your gut microbiome results.
Embark on a cleansing journey with a gut detox.
Maintain momentum with quarterly bloodwork.

Month 5

Micronutrient Mastery

Unlock the secrets of your body’s micronutrient needs.
Craft a supplementary strategy to bolster your heart health.

Month 6

Genetic Blueprint Unveiled

Discover the power of genetic testing to further personalize your plan.
Initiate strategies to ward off cognitive decline.

Month 7

Celebrate Your Vitality

Explore a sexual wellness assessment.
Introduce measures for cancer risk reduction.

Month 8

Mindful Revitalization

Embrace tranquility with meditation and mindfulness coaching.
Set forth a plan to combat metabolic disease.

Month 9

Breathwork and Bone Health

Experience the transformational power of guided breathwork.
Assess your bloodwork and reinforce your bone health and mobility.

Month 10

Sleep Sanctuary

Create a sleep sanctuary to support your genetic health profile.

Month 11

Mental Wellness

Engage in a thorough psychological and mental wellness evaluation.
Chart a course for sustained mental clarity and happiness.

Month 12

The Big Picture

Integrate insights from the year with a comprehensive bloodwork review.

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