Michele Wispelwey

As a co-founder of a pioneering women's telemedicine start-up, she brings 18 years of experience in implementing women's health initiatives.

Michele was most recently the Director Of Women’s Health Services where she spearheaded the development of women's health programs in molecular diagnostics, genetics, and cytology. She has achieved success within top-ranked institutions such as Labcorp & Quest Diagnostics.  Renowned as a resource, mentor, and strategist, Michele collaborates with various organizations and healthcare leaders to initiate change, improve patient access, and update stagnant processes and programs.  Her comprehensive understanding of the diagnostic landscape has enabled Michele to become a visionary leader in the femtech and digital healthcare industry.

In 2022 she founded FemGevity, a digital telemedicine platform that offers women access to custom concierge care for menopause & feminine longevity.  As a co-founder of a pioneering women's telemedicine start-up, she brings 18 years of experience in implementing women's health initiatives and a relentless passion for driving innovation in the femtech and women's consumer health sectors. Michele’s mission is to create solutions that empower women to take control of their well-being and achieve their fullest potential.

Michele has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of healthcare organizations, research institutions, and diagnostic companies nationally and has collaborated with some of the most distinguished women's health physicians in the Northeast to identify opportunities for growth and create actionable solutions for complex challenges. She has been committed to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and empowering women to make data-driven decisions.

One of Michele’s passions is to participate in closed-door forums, industry panels, and networking events, such as New Pause Symposium and the FemTech Focus Summit, where she can exchange ideas with fellow CEOs and founders who share a common vision of transforming women's healthcare. These engagements allow her to gain invaluable insights, explore new perspectives, and foster strategic partnerships to drive growth and innovation. She is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and learning from like-minded leaders.

A lifelong learner, Michele leverages her MBA in healthcare management & marketing from Northeastern University, and her BS in Business Administration from Seton Hall University. With her love for travel and art, Michele is constantly seeking new ways to fuse creativity and technology to provide high-quality care for all women. Michele’s next bucket list item is to learn French fluently and travel to Japan.