Michele Wispelewey & NOGAFEM

In this comprehensive video, Michele, CEO and co-founder of FemGevity Health, discusses the innovative approach to menopause treatment and feminine longevity care. FemGevity Health is a personalized digital healthcare platform for menopause that revolutionizes treatment by combining telemedicine, AI-powered DNA testing, extensive hormone assays, and in-depth symptom analysis to tailor treatment plans to each individual's unique health journey.

The focus is on countering the outdated one-size-fits-all healthcare model, empowering women to live healthier, longer lives. Michele highlights the significance of treating menopause symptoms at their peak to prevent diseases from setting in untreated. She provides enlightening statistics, such as 1.1 billion women experiencing menopause worldwide and the substantial amount they spend on treatments.

The video also addresses the impact of menopause on the workplace, with insights into the costs, lost working time, and the necessity for workplace solutions and policies that support women going through menopause. Michele emphasizes the need for education, flexible working conditions, emotional and physical support, and financial assistance for menopause treatments.

This video is crucial for anyone looking to understand the breadth of menopause's impact on individual health and the workplace, offering solutions and insights into managing this significant life stage effectively and empathetically.

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