Non-Hormone Options For Menopause With Kristin Mallon of FemGevity

In this enlightening video hosted by Sandy K Nutrition, Kristin Mallon, a board-certified nurse midwife with extensive experience in women's health, discusses various facets of menopause. With a focus on menopause and feminine longevity, Kristin shares insights into hormonal and non-hormonal options for managing menopause symptoms, debunking common misconceptions about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and highlighting the importance of understanding this significant life phase.

The conversation explores a range of topics, including the benefits of HRT, the role of phytoestrogens, soy, Vitex (Chaste tree), and the potential of DNA testing in tailoring menopause treatment. Kristin emphasizes the significance of lifestyle changes and diet in managing menopausal symptoms and underlines the value of empowering women with knowledge and proactive strategies for maintaining long-term health and vitality during menopause.

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