What's next in Menopause in the workspace?

In this engaging video, Michele, the co-founder of FemGevity Health, along with other panelists, discuss the journey and mission of FemGevity in the context of digital healthcare innovation for menopause. FemGevity Health is a personalized digital healthcare platform specializing in menopause and feminine longevity, utilizing a combination of clinical expertise and advanced technology like AI-powered DNA testing and extensive hormone assays.

The conversation explores the gaps in current healthcare models for menopause treatment and the importance of a more holistic approach that includes longevity medicine. Michele shares her personal motivation behind FemGevity, rooted in her diagnostic background and a personal story related to misdiagnosis during menopause. The panel discusses the impact of menopause in the workplace, emphasizing the need for better awareness, education, and support systems for women navigating this life stage.

The video also addresses the broader implications of menopause for organizations, including the need for menopause-friendly workspaces, the financial aspects of treatment, and how societal and workplace attitudes towards menopause need to evolve. This video is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the intersection of women's health, menopause, and workplace well-being, offering insights into innovative approaches to managing menopause both personally and professionally.

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