FemGevity’s Visionary Approach to Menopause & Longevity Medicine

Elizabeth Gordon
March 28, 2024
5 min read
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FemGevity’s Visionary Approach to Menopause & Longevity Medicine

It’s no secret that women tend to live longer, on average, than men. Despite the extra time, however, studies have shown that women spend fewer years in good health. They also experience a sharp decline in both health and vitality following menopause. 

The health challenges faced by women post-menopause are not just individual concerns. With chronic health conditions plaguing six out of ten women between the ages of 50-64, the global economic impact of menopause, between productivity loss and healthcare costs, is estimated at $150 billion annually

Projections indicate that this demographic will represent an even larger proportion of the global GDP by 2050 making the well-being of aging women more than just a health concern — but an economic imperative. 

Complexities of Women’s Aging

Aging is a multifaceted process, driven by a combination of genetic, environmental, and physiological factors. However, 10% of longevity is determined by genetics while 90% is based on environment and lifestyle. This means we have more opportunities to intervene and improve our lifespan through better longevity-focused care.

Women, however, have distinct genetic traits and life experiences that shape their aging journey further. The presence of two x-chromosomes, higher levels of estrogen, and enhanced immune function can act as protective barriers against the adverse effects of aging earlier in life.

But many reproductive and lifestyle factors such as the age a woman begins menstruating, whether or not she has children, and especially, the occurance of menopause, add layers of complexity to the aging journey. 

How Menopause Impacts Aging

Menopause signifies much more than the end of a woman's reproductive era — it represents a profound pivot in her overall health and well-being. Menopause technically marks a single day twelve months following a woman’s last period. However, the surrounding phases are characterized by tumultuous fluctuations and an eventual decline of critical hormones like estrogen and progesterone. 

While common symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, insomnia, and changes in libido are well known, there are more enduring consequences that these hormonal changes impose on a woman's health. As estrogen and progesterone levels decrease, women are faced with heightened risks of serious health concerns, including cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, and cognitive impairments. 

Menopause also accelerates cellular aging by 6%, amplifying the inflammatory processes which not only increases a woman’s susceptibility to a range of diseases, but also exerts a significant influence on her mood and day-to-day quality of life.

Further compounding the challenges, the symptoms of menopause can cause ripple effects on a woman's long-term health and longevity. One example of this is that chronic disruptions in sleep due to night sweats or insomnia can lead to sleep deprivation. Over time, insufficient sleep has been associated with a range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cognitive decline. In a sleep study, researchers from UCLA found that postmenopausal women with five insomnia symptoms were nearly two years older biologically than women who were the same age with no insomnia symptoms.

Understanding the link between menopause and longevity — and recognizing the intricate interplay of factors around women’s aging — it becomes clear that women need a personalized and holistic approach not only to menopause care, but to longevity care. And that's where FemGevity comes in. 

As the only concierge menopause and longevity telehealth platform, FemGevity is uniquely positioned to support women’s health through menopause and beyond.

Revolutionizing Women's Health and Longevity

Navigating the complexities of aging in women requires an understanding that goes beyond generalized medical knowledge. It demands precision care informed by advanced diagnostics and years of expertise in the unique challenges and transformations that women undergo during this phase of life.

To provide this specialized level of care, FemGevity’s core care pillars are designed to address the nuances of aging women’s health comprehensively.

Advanced Diagnostics

At FemGevity, we're pioneering the future of personalized women's menopause and longevity care by making advanced diagnostics part of our comprehensive care model. While there are many tests we use to inform our treatment, two are critical in helping women understand the specifics of their longevity.

First, our AI Genomic Panel offers patients a genetic deep dive. Through the insights gleaned from this panel, we can develop personalized action plans based on our patient’s genetic predispositions to various diseases, ensuring early prevention or tailored treatments. 

Complementing our genetic test is the Micronutrient Test, which equips us with the knowledge to address specific nutrient deficiencies or surpluses, ensuring balanced health. By measuring vital antioxidants, patients can bolster their body's defenses against oxidative stress, which accelerates aging. Further, pinpointing causes of chronic inflammation helps in its management, thereby enhancing longevity and wellness. 

Precision and Personalized Medicine

In-depth analysis of diagnostic tests is just the beginning. Our comprehensive and compassionate approach ensures women get the personalized care they need to address their symptoms of menopause and enhance their longevity. Our patients meet one-on-one with a care provider both before and after testing. 

Beyond the typical recommendations, our care plans may include dietary and nutritional guidance, integrating mindfulness and stress-reducing techniques, or personalized exercise regimens, We take into consideration factors such as genetics, environment, lifestyle, but also our patient’s personal preferences. Additionally we offer our patients access to targeted hormonal treatments, non-hormonal medications, or supplement recommendations.

Proactive Preventive Care

Unlike other menopause digital health companies, our distinctive approach focuses on improving long-term health from day one. We begin treating our patients during their perimenopausal years, helping them reach optimal health before challenges arise.

By catching early signs and markers through our advanced diagnostic tools, we equip our patietns with the insights and recommendations to mitigate the risks of chronic conditions, ensure timely interventions, and ultimately pave the way for a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Continuous Care

Recognizing that women's health needs are dynamic and evolve with time, our care doesn't end with a diagnosis or a prescription; it's a sustained partnership. Through regular check-ins and consultations, we adjust treatments and recommendations to align with the shifting landscapes of a woman's post-menopausal journey. This continuous care model ensures that every woman feels supported, understood, and empowered, every step of the way.

Accessibility and Convenience

The current health system for women —especially aging women — is fractured and confusing. At FemGevity, we've streamlined the process for later age women to get the care they need, making it incredibly convenient to access state-of-the-art tests and treatment, all in one place.

Empowering Longevity and Healthy Aging

In the face of the undeniable and intricate challenges aging women confront, particularly during the menopause transition, the necessity for a specialized, personalized, and sustained approach to their health is evident. 

FemGevity, with its groundbreaking concierge menopause and longevity telehealth platform, not only offers advanced diagnostics and precision treatments but also represents a paradigm shift in aging care, empowering women to thrive in their next chapter of life. We’re dedicated to ensuring that the journey of aging in not just about adding years to women’s lives, but adding life to those years.

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